Hybrid Battery Module/ Cell-Toyota Prius 2010-2015 Gen3


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30 days limited warranty. The product represents one single NiMH OEM Toyota Hybrid Battery Module, not the entire pack. There are 28 modules in a Toyota Prius hybrid battery pack.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    • The product represents one single battery module, not the entire pack.
    • Each module originates from a used Toyota vehicle and it has been reconditioned using our highly computerized proprietary method. We have 6+ years of experience rebuilding hybrid battery packs, so we know our method works.
    • Toyota modules use the NiMH chemistry and are known to develop memory effect over time. We eliminate the memory effect by deep cycling each module. Additionally, we reject all the modules that exhibit high self-discharge rates.
    • We only keep the best performing modules. Our team discards and recycles the weak modules.
    • A healthy module should read a voltage between 7.4V-8V.

    Here at Volts our core business is to rebuild entire battery packs so we always have freshly cycled modules in our 20 000+ module inventory.

    We are a highly reputable company, built over many years in the business. We don’t encourage untrained personnel to work on high voltage systems. Individual modules do not pose danger (as long as they are not shorted or punctured), however once they are connected in series, the resulting voltage could be deadly.

    30 Days limited warranty. If the module is damaged due to improper installation, exposed to fire, water or any other physical damage the warranty is void.
    Parts must be in an unaltered, re-sellable condition and in original packaging, with the invoice. Any returns received
    after 10 days from the invoice date are subject to a 20% handling/restocking fee. No returns will be accepted after
    30 days from the invoice date.


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    Additional information

    Weight2.5 lbs
    Dimensions11 × 0.75 × 4.6 in


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