How much does it cost to replace a hybrid car battery?

Our mission is to sell and install new and reconditioned high-quality hybrid batteries at less than 50% of the dealer price. Our hybrid battery prices vary from $1100.00 to $2499.00 depending on the vehicle (Year/Make /Model) and warranty terms. Our most popular product is Toyota Prius hybrid battery for $1499.00.Pack-Prius-2010-2015.jpg

How long does it take to replace a hybrid car battery?

Our service is extremely quick and efficient.
By proper appointment, your car will be in and out in less than an hour.
We have been servicing all Chicago taxi and Uber fleets for the last six years.
the time required to replaced a hybrid battery

Is the replaced hybrid battery covered by a warranty?

We offer a three-year warranty on parts and labor for our new and reconditioned hybrid car battery packs.
Discounts are available for commercial vehicles.hybrid battery replacement warranty

Can I get my car battery changed at home?

Our mobile unit covers a 250-mile radius from our facility located at 4924 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60641.
We charge an average fee of $150.00 plus the battery price for delivering and installing our battery pack.
Our mobile unit will come to your location and get the job done within a 3-hour window.
The installation time takes up to an hour from the time our technicians arrive at the site.

hybrid car battery changed at homehybrid car battery changed at home

What form of payment do you take?

We take any major credit card, PayPal, or cash (sorry, no personal checks).

form of payment available